About Me


I'm a visual artist living and working in Montreal. During the last 8 years, I have built a body of work composed of paintings and animated films where the main themes revolve around nature, identity and perception. In this era of crisis and anxiety, my work questions our perception of the reality based on our limited human senses and knowledge of nature. 


Most of my paintings are made on paper or on wood panels. I use acrylic painting for the first layers and usually finish the pieces with oil painting. I use colour pencils to add details and contour to the forms.  My films are hand-drawn with pencil on paper and the colours and effects are added digitally.  


Each medium helps improve the other on every level (technique, content and form), and provides spectator different lectures of my message. Consequently, my practice has become centered on the exploration 

of possibilities, boundaries and advantages of dynamic vs static work. 

Upcoming Events

4-25 MAY 2018

Group Exhibition
Super Reverie - Wow X Wow Gallery

3-6 MAY 2018

Studio Sale / Virée des Ateliers

Come visit my studio! In preparation to my participation to the Arctic Circle Artist Residency expedition 2019,  I have original works and prints available for purchase.
CHAT DES ARTISTES, #316, rue Parthenais, Montréal. 

Thurs. May 3th..............5pm to 9 pm

Fri. May 4th...................11am to 9pm

Sat. May 5th...................11am to 5pm

Sun. May 6th...................11am to 5pm 

News from the Studio


A collaborative project with contemporary dance collective La Tresse, is allowing me to further my exploration of the movement through the representation of mysterious feminine creatures of the sea. 


My newest film "La Singularité" is finally finished! Stay tuned for upcoming screenings near you. 


Presently experimenting with clay for a special project involving ceramic sculpted figures. Pictures of my process and work in progress will be posted on my Instagram.