Commissioned Work

Red Bull Sound Select

Poster portraying Jorja Smith for the advertising of her concert during Music Sound Select, Chicago. 


Hohe Luft Magazin

Artwork portraying philosopher Peter Sloterdijk made to illustrate an article in German philosophy magazine Hohe Luft.

City Pages Magazine

Artwork made to illustrate cover/article in City Pages Magazine. 


Epic Records

Album cover made for Transviolet's Kaleidoscopes


Album cover made for Manett's The Sea Urchin. 


This artwork made for MAXJOURNAL illustrates the poem “Rough Draft of My Feelings”
by Abby Dollarhide. 2016

Rough Draft Of My Feelings

I guess I'm better

at writing sweet nothings
to an audience of a man
whom I prefer as an idea
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
safe behind the pillow we share
only because you fall asleep
with me in mind
wake me in dreams
at the movies
and I blush
to take your hand
walking to a dark
cinema across
gaudy carpet


Film poster made for short film entitled Detritus directed by T.J. Misny. 


Intimate Semaphores

Film poster made for short-films trilogy Intimate Semaphores directed by T.J. Misny. 



Artworks created for the intro of short-films trilogy Intimate Semaphores by director T.J. Misny. 

SHOWStudio - London

Illustration made specially for the perfume Lazy Sunday Morning by Maison Martin Margiela

Revista Veintitrés

Illustration made for Spanish art-magazine Veintitrés under the theme Cruces (crosses) alongside artists from around the  world.